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Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6) Written by Mark Gladwin. PDF, Audiobook, Reviews (2)

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Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6) Written by Mark Gladwin. PDF, Audiobook, Reviews (3) Looking for Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6) in PDF? Check out

Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple (Ed. 6) Written by Mark Gladwin. PDF, Audiobook, Reviews (4) Audiobook
Check out

Readers` Reviews



Book is an alright comprehensive coverage of the basics in microbiology. Good for resource in medical school. HOWEVER, I highly DO NOT recommend the purchase of the physical copy of the book. Many other classmates also purchased this book and we all had the same problem. Within the first week and a half of use, the book's binding starts falling apart and pages start falling out, starting from the back. RECOMMENDATION: purchase or find an electronic version of this book, the hard-copy of the book will FALL APART on you; unless you have the money to buy another copy to use while you return your hardcopy that is falling apart during your micro section, likelihood is that your deadline to return/exchange the book will expire and you're left with a messy pile of paper you will be wasting money or time to fix.


colleen gardner

Made ridiculously simple series is very popular at my medical school. They have never really clicked for me. I would borrow a copy from someone before buying to see if it fits your reading style. Sketchy micro and I would highly recommend its interactive style with a rope memorization subject like micro.


neil sagebiel

I like the book - and if you like comparative charts and short (and funny) explanations, then I recommend it. That being said, in all reality I can't recommend it to other students when there are products like Sketchy Micro out there (online video series) that are often updated and do a much better job of not only covering this topic, but also staying retained in your memory better.

Shift: A Virals Adventure :: Viral Misery: Book One :: Code: A Virals Novel :: Terminal: A Virals Novel :: Seizure (Virals, Book 2)



As a medical student I find this book extremely useful mainly due to the fact that everything is explained neatly and in a very easy to understand language (even for non-native English speakers). The book covers all a medical students need to know to pass his Microbiology (and Infection Disease) exam. The book is written in a style all medical books should be written - with no "scientific" language but still comprising all necessary information in a very eadible form. The only little drawback is that the book is not available in PDF or electronic book format for smartphone and tablet users. However it is still one of the books all medical students should get and keep forever.



The little figures and drawings are really cute and written in a way that is easy to understand. I definitely recommend using this along with Sketchy Micro for best learning experience. Each chapter has a summary table of everything that is unique and important about each organism, works great with Sketchy and make a great study tool for exam.


tessa campbell

A microbiologist working at a hospital in town recommended the book to one of my classmates so I ordered it too and I'm so glad I did. There's lots of good information and they tie things together nicely. They also have drawings and anagrams to help you remember important details.



Humor and cleverness are behind the lines of CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY MADE RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. A masterpiece that should be present in the bookshelf of each med student. I bought two other books from the "MADE RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE" series thanks to that one and I can't wait to put my hands on them!

10/10. 100/100. 1000/1000. Wonderful.


diane duane

Its and Ok product, nothing too special about it, im not sure if it makes things easy or not coz really once you have any basic microbiology knowledge then this is not a book for you, i know its supposed to dumb things down but in doing so i feel it has missed some pretty decent points that would have made the topics covered worthwhile.


peter de jong

I would not have been able to pass Infectious Disease in medical school without this book. It has unique ways of organizing bugs and especially entertaining ways of learning details that WILL be tested on. My professors told us that this book was "too simple" to formally require it, but honestly, it was the textbook I used the most.



Great stuff here for medschool! Gives tons of cartoons to help you memorize stuff, not just to pass your classes, but also the really high-yield stuff for the Step 1. I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner!


angie kinghorn

More for medical students than the average microbiology course participant. I had high hopes - but this book was WAY more advanced than I could possibly need. ~~~~ I do the same type of graphic studying - so I know this works. But the text was just more advanced than I needed.



This book gives you a super watered-down simplified version of micro. I stopped reading it along with my class readings, however, because it is just too simple. It doesn't give enough information and there really aren't many mnemonics that help. Spend the extra money and just get pic-monic.



I remember using this book in medical school. Now, seven years out, so much has changed. The book is thicker than the first! But this is an excellent review on some of the basics I've forgotten, but more importantly, the world of microbiology has changed so much (taxonomy, new species). This is a great way to keep current. I'm also using to prepare for int med recertification. I loved it again the second time!


john devlin

I absolutely love the content of this book! It is saving my life in medical school currently. I just have one major complaint to an otherwise 5 star review of this product. Within one day of using this book a clump of pages fell out of the back of the book. I could not believe that my new book was falling apart! I am disappointed that it did not hold up and don't know how all my notes are going to stay in one place.



When it comes to clinical microbiology, all I've heard is that CMMRS is the best and only book you need. I will admit it has a lot going for it: it's an easy(ish) read and is fairly entertaining. But for those that might need more than a list of thing or a pneumatic to remember and more importantly apply this just lacks substance.


sandra guillory

As a second year medical student, this book simply didn't follow my style. For a "review" or additional study aid type book I need something shorter and more in outlines. Many of my classmates swear by it though.



The content is very helpful, especially as a high-yield supplement to a more comprehensive text. However, the book is very flimsy, and after less than one month's use pages are falling out; less than ideal for a text I was hoping to annotate with lecture notes as a main study source.


abdullah bahi

I love this book, its easy to read and entertaining, like, I actually laughed a few times while studying.. its awesome for bacterias, but lacks info specially on parasites.. it would be perfect if it had at least more images of the real looks of fungi and parasites. Still extremely recommend it, microbiology shall not torture you with this weapon.



Excellent book. However, the binding is not strong enough and some pages at the end of the book are falling off. Had to glue it in and it looks weird. Already wrote notes on it, so don't want to go through the hassle of returning it, but please make the binding stronger next time...

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